Definition of rocker arm in English:

rocker arm

Pronunciation /ˈräkər ärm/ /ˈrɑkər ɑrm/


  • A rocking lever in an engine, especially one in an internal combustion engine which serves to work a valve and is operated by a pushrod from the camshaft.

    • ‘The engine's camshaft drives the pump pistons through a roll rocker arm.’
    • ‘A small treatment cup, operating from a rocker arm directly off the seed dump pan and out of a small reservoir, meters one cup of treatment with each dump of the seed pan.’
    • ‘The rocker arm must have enough room to operate the valve in a smooth motion both up and down without causing excessive load to the valve guide.’
    • ‘The system is activated via a two-piece rocker arm.’
    • ‘We had a really wild ride there when the left rear rocker arm snapped going over the crest of the hill.’


rocker arm

/ˈräkər ärm/ /ˈrɑkər ɑrm/