Definition of rocking chair in English:

rocking chair

Pronunciation /ˈräkiNG ˌCHe(ə)r/ /ˈrɑkɪŋ ˌtʃɛ(ə)r/


  • A chair mounted on rockers or springs, so as to rock back and forth.

    • ‘Along the planked floor of the porch, benches, wooden rocking chairs, and old metal lawn chairs lined up, facing out to the dusty fields.’
    • ‘I saw my mother sitting in her wicker rocking chair by the bay window with a book on one armrest and her knitting kit on the other.’
    • ‘The front of the house had a quaint little porch with comfortable wicker rocking chairs and low tables that were always occupied.’
    • ‘All she needs is the rocking chair in that dormer window where she sits all day long, crocheting and watching the neighbors.’
    • ‘Urban trees are transformed into guitars, cabinets, and rocking chairs, distilling the natural beauty of the urban forest into stylish art.’
    • ‘Looking out Logan Airport's big picture window - in front of which oversized rocking chairs hold teenagers on March Break - I was surprised by the size of this Icelandair craft.’
    • ‘The house was traditional though: two stories, rocking chairs on the porch, large windows, green shutters, and a well near the house.’
    • ‘Del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles sold a trademark rocking chair by seminal furniture artist Sam Maloof for $80,000.’
    • ‘Can't you imagine us when we're like ninety sitting on rocking chairs on the porch of some retirement home telling wild stories about high school to our grandkids?’
    • ‘Of course, I'd want a big front porch with rocking chairs and maybe a swing.’
    • ‘If I have my way, the two of us will be sixty years old, sitting in rocking chairs on the back porch, watching our grandchildren play in this very backyard.’
    • ‘The residents then turned to manufacturing rocking chairs, which caught on in the early 1960s, largely thanks to a rumor that Jackie Kennedy had bought one for JFK.’
    • ‘Old men were sitting in rocking chairs in front of the hardware store, reminiscing about the old days.’
    • ‘The over-60 market isn't settling for rocking chairs and front porches.’
    • ‘The wrap-around porch was huge and Cassidy could almost see herself sitting on one of those rocking chairs with a mint julep in her hand.’
    • ‘A veranda was furnished with two rocking chairs and a potted plant in need of water and some more sunlight.’
    • ‘They sat in the rocking chairs and stared at the snow-covered street in front of them.’
    • ‘On the front porch were two rocking chairs and a sleeping old hound snoring away in the shade.’
    • ‘He sat down in one of the old creaky rocking chairs while I leaned against the door frame.’
    • ‘She even is laughing about falling through the bottom of the rocking chair even though she was worried about injuring herself at the time it happened.’


rocking chair

/ˈräkiNG ˌCHe(ə)r/ /ˈrɑkɪŋ ˌtʃɛ(ə)r/