Definition of role model in English:

role model

Pronunciation /rōl ˈmädl/ /roʊl ˈmɑdl/

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  • A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.

    ‘His stubborn integrity has made him a consistently interesting and evolving artist and a role model for a more ideal art world.’
    • ‘He's an introverted, straight - A student whose father's passing has left him without a male role model.’
    • ‘For girls, she's a role model of empowerment as the female hero with big guns.’
    • ‘Approximately, 40 percent of the respondents indicated that having a personal role model was ‘Not influential’ in selecting an agricultural major.’
    • ‘Andy's humanistic approach to police work - and life - is particularly important since he's the father of young Opie, who looks to him as a role model.’
    • ‘Marcus sees Will as a role model, and their unlikely rapport sets the tone of what Chris calls a ‘Billy Wilder-type mix of cynicism and hope.’’
    • ‘Thirty-three percent of the respondents indicated that no people of color in an agriculture-related career had served as a role model to them.’
    • ‘Mary Jane has her own journey in the film and I think she is a strong character who can also be a role model to the girls who are watching.’
    • ‘Furthermore, she is a role model of how to teach adults.’
    • ‘On an only slightly different note, both the movie and Lucy's character seem a bad role model for impressionable young teens.’
    • ‘The former child star credited his father, Rance, who plays small roles in most of Ron's films, for being a great role model.’
    • ‘Can Nick keep the wolves at bay while also remaining a good role model to his increasingly impressionable son?’
    • ‘Cyriac's detailed notes and drawings, together with his interests in collecting, made him a role model for later antiquarians.’
    • ‘He seemed touched to learn that a young newspaper reporter had grown up thinking of him as a role model.’
    • ‘We all agree that Dora is a spunky gal who makes a decent role model for anyone, Hispanic or not.’
    • ‘Her enthusiasm and skill provides a role model for aspiring film-makers.’
    • ‘Is there anyone else out there that they should look towards as a role model?’
    • ‘The kids look up to Rocky as a folk hero and role model.’
    • ‘The Kahlo work celebrates this artist and feminine role model, while the Mandela work rejoices in a rainbow romantic, peace-loving citizen.’
    • ‘It brings in Giardello's life outside work as a caring father, husband, and involved role model in his household.’
    precedent, lead, guide, model, pattern, blueprint, template, paradigm, exemplar, ideal, standard