Definition of roll of the dice in English:

roll of the dice


(also throw of the dice)
  • A risky attempt to do or achieve something.

    ‘the merger was their last roll of the dice, and it failed miserably’
    • ‘Well, it's mainly a roll of the dice, but it's also some sort of instinct.’
    • ‘Back in 1997, when the idea was first mooted, Sex and the City was seen as a roll of the dice for Parker, then heading for her mid-30s. No one expected its enduring popularity.’
    • ‘For McCain, it would also be the ultimate gamble, an all-or-nothing roll of the dice to determine the last chapter of his political career.’
    • ‘Still, as with every form of meet-and-greet, it's a roll of the dice whether you'll want to continue past that first date.’
    • ‘The family have suffered 28 years of false promises and crushed hopes and now April is convinced this appeal is the last roll of the dice.’
    • ‘Ignoring the strikers on his bench, he threw a centre-half into battle instead in one last desperate roll of the dice.’
    • ‘An extra minutes play was signalled and in one last effort Laois threw their last roll of the dice.’
    • ‘This looks like the last roll of the dice from the political dinosaurs and they just rolled a two.’
    • ‘So why was I about to risk losing everything with one compulsive, libidinous roll of the dice?’
    • ‘The reality is that with another loss we won't be able to make the finals this year, so this match really is the last roll of the dice.’