Definition of Rollerblade in English:


(also rollerblade)


  • An in-line skate.

    • ‘They attempted to play pool, then they attempted to play tennis in rollerblades.’
    • ‘He took his bag off and dropped it on the desktop, and leaned down to take off his rollerblades, replacing them with shoes.’
    • ‘After we'd gotten strapped up with the appropriate gear and the shop's not-so-clean rollerblades, I tried to get Charles off the bench he was sitting on.’
    • ‘Suddenly Sam's gaze snapped up, and he navigated his rollerblades awkwardly onto the lush grass of the park waving at someone he obviously recognized in the distance.’
    • ‘The last time I was there, I ran into a group of St. Mary's students buying rollerblades.’
    • ‘She grinned and tightened her red rollerblades.’
    • ‘They chased me home every day, all of us on rollerblades.’
    • ‘He dropped his backpack and started untying his rollerblades.’
    • ‘She asked as she strapped on her rollerblades and equipment.’
    • ‘With her shoes strings tied together and the soles slung over one shoulder, Haley wove through the crowds on her rollerblades.’
    • ‘Dust off your rollerblades, grab a hockey stick and a street puck and hit the street with your husband.’
    • ‘I've immunized myself to bike theft by switching to rollerblades.’
    • ‘Inside were her rollerblades, white helmet, skiing accessories, and a couple of stuffed toys.’
    • ‘Leslie and I were on our rollerblades, Aaron was on his skateboard, and AJ was just walking.’
    • ‘She stood at the edge of the grass for a moment, her backpack on her shoulders and her rollerblades held in one hand, and looked for her friend.’
    • ‘We had some old rollerblades and a few model rocket engines and duct tape.’
    • ‘In the spring, a good bike and even some rollerblades would be a good investment.’
    • ‘I put on my rollerblades, which I had packed in the car, and headed out the front door.’
    • ‘The school rules didn't permit any skateboards or rollerblades.’
    • ‘Skateboards, scooters and rollerblades are also prohibited at the memorial because of the destructive nature of the contraptions.’


[with object]
  • Skate using Rollerblades.

    ‘they don't drive cars but they do rollerblade’
    as noun rollerblading ‘rollerblading was ideal for runners whose knees were beginning to give out’
    • ‘We have heard stories about people who were rollerblading to work or biking to work, or even walking two hours to get to their jobs.’
    • ‘You are not rollerblading, but in-line skating with Rollerblade in-line skates.’
    • ‘Right now they are rollerblading and throwing water balloons.’
    • ‘What I do is get involved in other activities such as rollerblading, skateboarding, other sports, etc.’
    • ‘He talked about the walking and just the creative nature of how people got around today. whether it was rollerblading, bikes or skateboards.’
    • ‘She likes reading, rollerblading, writing and surfing.’
    • ‘She restrained the urge to throw one of her five-pound weights at him, who's flight had come in two days earlier and was rollerblading in front of her, throwing taunting remarks over his shoulder.’
    • ‘‘We had lunch, shopped around, talked about the tournament, and rollerbladed through the city,’ he said, deciding to stop there.’
    • ‘I can't help rollerblading by each house without thinking, ‘Wow, this place was here a century ago.’’
    • ‘Get a group of friends together and partake in more outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, Frisbee, Football, rollerblading, or biking at least four to seven days a week,’
    • ‘What about the pizza place we went to after rollerblading?’
    • ‘Especially when I could have been doing something else like topping up my tan on the beach with my friends, rollerblading along the boardwalk, playing volleyball.’
    • ‘No one knows whether kids today run a greater risk of fractures because they're skateboarding or rollerblading more - sports that can lead to falls.’
    • ‘It's like learning your neighbor is a chiropractor whose hobby is choreographed rollerblading and then being ordered to hope she's happy in life.’
    • ‘While the trail is primarily gravel and thus not suitable for rollerblading, it offers excellent opportunities for walking, jogging and cycling.’
    • ‘It's obvious that snowboarding wear is heavily influenced by streetwear, such as skateboarding and rollerblading.’
    • ‘Some great ideas include jogging, rollerblading, or riding a bike.’
    • ‘Normally, around this time, you'd have people biking through here, rollerblading, jogging.’
    • ‘I would've gone, but she wanted to keep rollerblading around the park.’
    • ‘Are you going to stop rollerblading because you broke you wrist twice?’