Definition of rolling in English:


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  • 1Moving by turning over and over on an axis.

    ‘a rolling ball’
    • ‘He rolled each ball in his mouth.’
    • ‘Rolling snow into snowmen, gleefully compacting the beautiful flakes into firm white balls, revelling in the joy of the winter holidays.’
    • ‘Galileo stands at the center of this fresco, explaining the uniform acceleration of a sphere rolling down an inclined plane.’
    • ‘I mean, who wouldn't want to be a human bowling ball, or fall face first onto a rolling concrete drum or land on my sauce bits for viewing pleasure.’
    • ‘When a rolling egg struck another lying on the ground, the player got to keep it.’
    • ‘Players control shots by rolling a trackball to swing the club of a digital golfer.’
    • ‘You are strapped into your own rolling dental chair which goes from upright to supine as you are prepped and then operated upon.’
    • ‘Surely current rolling stock would need to be upgraded and electrification considered.’
    • ‘The rolling baseline positively cross-correlates with itself, producing a large, wide peak not observed with the flat baseline.’
    • ‘The rest of this rolling stock upgrade doesn't start until 2012.’
    • ‘Rolling is effective when the material - metal, plastic, glass, whatever - must be bent a great deal.’
    • ‘Pocklington were unlucky not to extend their lead when their forwards produced a high-speed, 60-yard rolling maul which the home pack collapsed in sight of the try line.’
    • ‘we'd have another week of coverage dissecting his biggest political gaffe since rolling a gutter ball at a Pennsylvania bowling alley.’
    • ‘At least one chose to commit suicide, rolling from a parked position down a hill, swerving into the only brick building on the block).’
    • ‘I executed the shot perfectly, with the ball rolling the last 50 yards to the green and stopping 70 feet from the hole.’
    • ‘Lighted wheel rolling on the lake.’
    • ‘He originally believed cars would be rolling on it by now.’
    • ‘I came away from Alhambra with tears rolling down my cheeks.’
    • ‘I hope the surf isn't rolling too much.’
    • ‘Then just before the start of the season I collapsed while rolling the wicket.’
  • 2(of land) extending in gentle undulations.

    ‘the rolling countryside’
    • ‘About a third of the population in Lebanon once lived in these rolling hills.’
    • ‘The region is a bed of hot mineral springs, deep river gorges and rolling pastureland.’
    • ‘South Windsor is a lovely little town and the drive down to the launch was picturesque with rolling cornfields and wildflower meadows.’
    • ‘Scattered across the rolling European countryside, they were once memorialized, raised to the skies in a Kansas City park, they were set in stone.’
    • ‘One thing I love about these rides is that they cover rolling hills over backroads.’
    • ‘Spring Bank is a post office in the southern part of the county, about ten miles south of Martinsburgh, on gently rolling prairie, near the source of Elk Creek.’
    • ‘What caused this dramatic change from rolling hills to such a ruggedly beautiful landscape?’
    • ‘It had potential, and the site was a gardener's dream: a blank slate of rolling land overlooking a park and nearby lake.’
    • ‘To the west the Rocky Mountains towered with their lofty snow-capped peaks and to the east the rolling plains extended as far as the eye could see.’
    • ‘Like post and rail fencing, this design will require less lumber than other fencing, and it adapts well to rolling terrain.’
    • ‘Often called "Little Switzerland," it is beautiful, full of charming little lakes rolling hills and rugged open country.’
    • ‘This 32 ha site occurs on flat to gently rolling woodlands and agricultural land.’
    • ‘In Iowa City, hundreds of homes are buried in what was rolling prairie just a few days ago, but is now a mucky lagoon.’
    • ‘All the village watched as they rode off into the foothills to the south and then disappeared seamlessly into the rolling green.’
    • ‘Kinlooey Lough is a small scenic lough set in rolling countryside at Aughagower, Westport.’
    • ‘Lush at this time of the year and oddly un-European - they are not craggy or sharp but rolling - these hills are nonetheless extremely high.’
    • ‘We have the advantage of being on the dry side of the country, and the terrain here is gently rolling.’
    • ‘Another trail gives skiers a beautiful tour on rolling terrain through maple and hemlock forest to a lookout on the Salmon River Reservoir.’
    • ‘You could have run several Grand Nationals across those rolling, empty acres.’
    • ‘The manor house was surrounded by rolling hills.’
    • ‘He caught up to me ten minutes later, slowing the enormous car to a quiet purr and rolling the automatic window down.’
  • 3Done or happening in a steady and continuous way.

    ‘a rolling program of reforms’
    • ‘a rolling news service’
    • ‘In practice, half the judicial positions are filled by election every three years on a rolling basis.’
    • ‘The rolling impact of these transformations will be felt for years to come.’
    • ‘Musically more forceful, big walls of rolling guitar ploughed through the album.’
    • ‘The line flared brilliant white, and then the great gates fell outwards with a rolling crash.’
    • ‘The guns leapt backwards with a rolling crash and an immense cloud of dirty smoke billowed back.’



/ˈrōliNG/ /ˈroʊlɪŋ/