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  • 1The unveiling of a new aircraft or spacecraft.

    ‘the official rollout is on July 30’
    • ‘At the roll-out ceremony in January enthusiastically called the aircraft the ‘crowning achievement of a human and industrial adventure’.’
    1. 1.1The official launch or introduction of a new product or service.
      ‘campaigns these days look a lot like product rollout’
      • ‘a national rollout of digital satellite systems’
      • ‘Shareholders can expect to see a continued roll-out of new product lines and distribution channels.’
      • ‘They expected to replace existing copper or glass fibre cables and play a large part in the roll-out of digital services.’
      • ‘Both companies have rowed back on plans for the roll-out of digital television services.’
      • ‘The roll-out of embedded products is expected to commence before the end of the current financial year.’
      • ‘Initial adopters tend to be technical people, but at the next level companies have to go through proper marketing and product roll-out.’
      • ‘The public sector is doing everything it can and is very committed to the roll-out of services, but it is up to businesses now to do what they have to.’
      • ‘But it is the delays in the completion of critical technical projects that have significantly handicapped the time frame for the roll-out of services.’
      • ‘However, he is critical of the slow roll-out of the service.’
      • ‘There's been a good roll-out of e-government services and plenty of broadband fibre laid.’
      • ‘There is little reason to suspect that the roll-out of 3G services should be any less fraught.’
      • ‘A detailed information booklet will be available to support the roll-out of the service.’
      • ‘There was no mention of the slow roll-out of broadband services in the country.’
      • ‘Today it announced it was delaying the roll-out of unbundled broadband services to residential customers until next year.’
      • ‘Real risk lies in the possibility that the current difficulties will be used to delay the roll-out.’
      • ‘As we generate the roll-out of a portfolio of products over the next year, it will generate its own momentum.’
      • ‘Consider the cost and results of a ‘hit and miss’ national roll-out as opposed to those of a narrowly focused launch targeted at the most likely consumer.’
      • ‘It is because cable companies aren't marketing it as aggressively as the roll-out of their higher-margin digital-TV services.’
      • ‘This has tended to hinder the roll-out and uptake of broadband services among the domestic and SME communities.’
      • ‘But rivals are now beginning the roll-out of their own next generation services - albeit more tentatively.’
      • ‘The national roll-out will be completed by summer.’
  • 2Aeronautics
    The stage of an aircraft's landing during which it travels along the runway while losing speed.

  • 3American Football
    A play in which the quarterback runs toward the sideline before attempting to pass or advance.



/ˈrōlout/ /ˈroʊlaʊt/