Definition of rood in English:



  • 1A crucifix, especially one positioned above the rood screen of a church or on a beam over the entrance to the chancel.

    ‘Every church building had to display the royal coat of arms on the chancel arch in place of the rood.’
    ‘The rood - Christ on the cross flanked by the Virgin and S. John - placed above a screen at the entrance to the choir, was now an established feature.’
    crucifix, rood
  • 2British historical A measure of land area equal to a quarter of an acre (40 square perches, approximately 0.1012 hectare).

    ‘It was part of an area of 15 acres, three roods and four perches originally granted to John Dickson.’
    ‘Nor is there much satisfaction in contemplating the world with nothing left to the spontaneous action of nature: with every rood of land brought into cultivation and… every flowery waste ploughed up…’


Old English rōd; related to Dutch roede and German Rute ‘rod’.