Definition of roommate in English:


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  • 1A person occupying the same room as another.

    ‘We were room-mates during my formative years in international cricket.’
    • ‘His room-mate was not in the room at the moment, which made him glad.’
    • ‘There was a major improvement to her college living conditions this semester; she and Leah were now room-mates.’
    • ‘If your room-mate snores, ear plugs are the answer.’
    • ‘Today, her old college room-mate Jess was coming to live with her.’
    1. 1.1North American A person occupying the same apartment or house as another.
      ‘For the last two years they have been room-mates in the same house.’
      • ‘We haven't been room-mates for nine years, and it wasn't even in this flat!’
      friend, companion, boon companion, comrade, intimate, familiar, confidant, alter ego, second self



/ˈro͞omˌmāt/ /ˈrumˌmeɪt/ /ˈro͝omˌmāt/ /ˈrʊmˌmeɪt/