Definition of root beer in English:

root beer

Pronunciation /ˈrut ˌbɪ(ə)r/

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North American
  • An effervescent drink made from an extract of the roots and bark of certain plants.

    ‘I found a low-carb recipe for a root beer float, involving diet root beer, heavy cream, and artificial sweetener.’
    • ‘Morgan shook his head and drank deeply from his root beer.’
    • ‘Soda is something we all can live without (even though I have a craving for root beer every now and then).’
    • ‘Brewers were interested in handcrafting root beer so their craft translates well to the non-alcoholic side.’
    • ‘Microbrewed root beer and sarsparilla also are fashionable in many places.’
    • ‘To assemble: scoop a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a large glass; pour root beer on top.’
    • ‘There was lots of time between presentations for people to gather at the remarkably long refreshment table and stuff their faces with scones, coffee, and root beer.’
    • ‘I can't decided whether I want hot tea or root beer right now.’
    • ‘A previous study by the same author found that tap water and root beer are the most tooth-friendly beverages.’
    • ‘She bought a gallon of red wine and a bottle of root beer for me.’
    • ‘Your root beer isn't poured from a can; it's mixed individually with a squirt of syrup from the silvery array of dispensers behind the laminated counter.’
    • ‘David took a sip of his root beer before continuing.’
    • ‘Max came back with two glasses of root beer in his hands.’
    • ‘Start with a bottle of root beer - no need to splurge for the good stuff; your local supermarket's house brand will do.’
    • ‘Around this time, we started to import concentrated root beer.’
    • ‘The bartender put two bottles of root beer down on the table.’
    • ‘I had a few patients, went to lunch, had pizza and root beer with a friend, came back to work, had a few patients, and came here to talk to you.’
    • ‘Twenty minutes later, I finally found her in a corner with a mug of something that looked suspiciously like root beer.’
    • ‘She popped open a can of root beer and flung herself into a chair.’
    • ‘The blonde looked down and then to the can of root beer she was holding.’