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  • 1(of a plant) not having roots.

    ‘a rootless flowering plant’
    • ‘Plants exhibiting rootless corn symptoms have either lodged and are laying on the ground or are ready to lodge.’
    • ‘The horse started off again, slowly and with clomping steps that churned up loose stones and rootless weeds.’
  • 2Having no settled home or social or family ties.

    ‘a rootless nomad’
    • ‘Many families were rootless.’
    • ‘He was, in truth, a nomad, a rootless wanderer.’
    • ‘Colonial security and prosperity depended on soldiers, convicts, and slaves, but they were seen as dangerous because most were rootless young males who were alien from European settlers.’
    • ‘Such rootless veterans lacked the ‘settlement’ necessary to qualify for poor relief.’
    • ‘Well, I suppose the academic chaps would say I'm a product of the diaspora, rootless, not really at home anywhere.’
    • ‘The product of a lonely and rootless childhood, she seems always to have hungered for public recognition and apparently never considered marriage.’
    • ‘Neither is rooted in Freudian psychology, though both were products of rootless lives, written after war and revolution had destroyed age-old certainties.’
    • ‘In this tense account of danger and fortitude, the young surgeon discovers that he and his European medical colleagues are more lost and rootless than those they have come to help.’
    • ‘I think people from India feel rootless when they come here.’
    • ‘We have witnessed the rise of a rootless generation.’
    • ‘Some were indeed rootless men and women, never appearing in the census or town histories.’
    • ‘She was also many of the things the writer believed must naturally follow from all the above: vapid, spoiled, rich, uninformed, rootless, and complacent.’
    itinerant, unsettled, drifting, roving, footloose
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/ˈro͞otləs/ /ˈrutləs/