Definition of rorty in English:


adjectiverortier, rortiest

  • Boisterous and high-spirited.

    • ‘Perversely, as soon as they take delivery, most owners are expected to ignore these rules anyway and replace the expensive silencer with the original rorty exhaust system.’
    • ‘To this end a lot of work has been done on the induction and exhaust systems so that under certain circumstances they enable that V8 to produce a downright rorty snarl - just like a real sports car should.’
    • ‘It also received funding, which a number of bloggers thought a bit rorty at the time (state money to try and win votes).’
    • ‘It sounds like a motorbike obviously, but the rorty pitch of the exhaust is quite unique and is a major contributor to the character of the car.’
    • ‘The new 2 liter four-cylinder is far from being a rorty, punch-in-the-back powerplant, but it does enjoy a bit of a wind-out and develops a distinctly throaty note as it winds towards its 6700 rpm red line.’


Mid 19th century of unknown origin.