Definition of rose diamond in English:

rose diamond


  • A hemispherical diamond with the curved part cut in triangular facets.

    ‘I'm sorry I couldn't get you that rose diamond, but I thought you might like the next best thing.’
    • ‘The most expensive were composed of a carved hardstone mounted in gold, with or without enameling, and with push-pieces of moonstone or sapphires bordered by rose diamonds.’
    • ‘Cabochon-cut gemstones were almost always used for the push-piece, most often moonstone or Mecca stone (chalcedony stained blue-gray or pink), and these were often surrounded by rose diamonds or half pearls.’
    • ‘The early twentieth-century ledgers of Hennell and Sons, a jewelry firm in London, described the making of elegant costly jewels in which hairwork adorned with ciphers and dates in rose diamonds was enclosed behind rock crystal.’
    • ‘One of them was illustrated in the Jeweler's Circular, where it was described as a chain and pendant of rose diamonds, gold, and enamel designed in a historicizing Spanish Renaissance style.’


rose diamond

/ˌrōz ˈdī(ə)mən(d)/ /ˌroʊz ˈdaɪ(ə)mən(d)/