Definition of rose mallow in English:

rose mallow


  • A plant of the mallow family with typically large pink or white flowers, several species of which are cultivated as ornamentals.

    Genus Hibiscus, family Malvaceae: many species, including the showy pink-flowered swamp rose mallow (H. palustris), found especially in coastal marshes of the eastern US

    ‘Confederate rose or rose mallow, Hibiscus mutabilis, may have a single trunk, but typically is grown as a multitrunked, billowy shrub or small tree.’
    • ‘Typical shrubs include squawbush (a type of sumac); coral bean and fairy duster (both members of the pea family); two types of hibiscus, or rose mallow; and cliff Fendler bush.’
    • ‘Old-timers tell us that many dunes were once ablaze with rose mallows.’


rose mallow

/rōz ˈmalō/ /roʊz ˈmæloʊ/