Definition of rösti in English:



mass noun
  • 1A Swiss dish of grated potatoes formed into a small flat cake and fried.

    ‘the Swiss rösti, which is close to being their national home dish, is made with cooked potatoes’
    • ‘It was served, as was every dish save the fondue, with sides of red cabbage and rösti, that most delicious of Swiss dishes.’
    • ‘The plate also has fruit, a small portion of rösti, toast, and more.’
    1. 1.1count noun A flat cake of grated potato.
      ‘place 4 of the rösti in the pan’
      • ‘I used a big cutting board and carefully slid the rösti onto that, and then flipped.’
      • ‘Next I had a magnificent bit of pintail duck, so gamey as to briefly persuade me that it might in fact have been a pigeon; there was chestnut and bacon there and sprout tops and a cheeky little rösti.’


1950s from Swiss German.