Definition of rotamer in English:



  • Any of a number of isomers of a molecule that can be interconverted by rotation of part of the molecule around a particular bond.

    ‘The effects of the membrane are clearly illustrated by the increased frequencies of hydrogen-bonding rotamers and the snorkeling of Trp and Tyr out of the membrane.’
    • ‘Using broader Ï-values may result in broader distributions of rotamers, so we have avoided interpreting rotamer distributions that may be influenced in this manner.’
    • ‘If all rotamers clash with the rigid part of the protein, additional conformers are made by 300 rotations around the final bond.’
    • ‘It is consistent with emission from different rotamers of the cyanine dyes formed immediately after excitation (vide supra).’
    • ‘In this study we use the dead-end elimination method to determine the possible rotamers of tryptophan.’



/ˈrōdəmər/ /ˈroʊdəmər/


1950s blend of rotational and -mer.