Definition of Rotarian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Rotary International, a worldwide charitable society of business and professional people.

    ‘a pillar of the Rotarian community’
    • ‘By cultivating them with Rotarian commitment and action, I guarantee that we will reap a bountiful harvest of humanitarian service.’
    • ‘The former mayor plans to continue the Rotarian effort and hopes the public will play their part in keeping the town tidy.’
    • ‘This disaster is so big that we need all the help from Rotarian friends from anywhere to buy medicine, sheets, food, ice, and other medical necessities.’
    • ‘She's young, she's attractive and she's highly motivated, running two thriving businesses as well as presiding over weekly Rotarian gatherings.’
    • ‘Everyone in the huge group seemed happy and friendly and devoted to Rotarian principles.’
    • ‘We were part of a team of Rotarian volunteers in Togo, West Africa.’


  • A member of Rotary International, a worldwide charitable society of business and professional people.

    ‘he is well-respected by his fellow Rotarians’
    • ‘He was well liked, had a good sense of humor, was a loyal Rotarian, and enjoyed visiting the Norwegian ships when they made port calls.’
    • ‘Go to any corner of the world and you will find a Rotarian extending a helping hand to the poor in his own small way.’
    • ‘A Rotarian taking part in the beach clean-up made a report about the operation.’
    • ‘He served as president of the club and went beyond the average Rotarian.’
    • ‘The Rotary International president said that the conference's enormous turnout was a testament to Rotarians' commitment to the cause of peace.’
    • ‘More than 90 children were treated to a festive lunch as Santa strolled in, handing out gifts to the kids, assisted by Rotarians, an event enjoyed by all who took part.’
    • ‘Thousands of Rotarians, both local and foreign volunteers, have participated in national immunization days when vaccines are given to millions of children over a few days.’