Definition of rotary wing in English:

rotary wing


usually as modifier
  • An aerofoil that rotates in an approximately horizontal plane, providing all or most of the lift in a helicopter or autogiro.

    ‘a leading authority in rotary wing design’
    ‘rotary wing aircraft’
    • ‘Over time, initiative was slowly regained through suppression missions with airlifted mortar assets and close air support provided by fixed and rotary wing aircraft.’
    • ‘The system gives 360° coverage against fixed and rotary wing aircraft, unmanned air vehicles and air launched missiles.’
    • ‘He still has a long-term goal of becoming a rotary wing pilot.’
    • ‘The modular architecture is intended to address the needs of a broad range of fixed and rotary wing air vehicles.’
    • ‘Two Cobra rotary wing gunships also circled overhead, providing aerial reconnaissance, and prepared to employ fire support if necessary.’