Definition of rotational in English:



  • 1Using or relating to a circular movement about an axis or centre.

    ‘the increased rotational speed of today's disc drives’
    • ‘Look for rotational control of the mouse.’
    • ‘He uses the linear throwing technique rather than the rotational method, performed consistently throughout the final.’
    • ‘The greater the torque, the more rotational power the blade has.’
    • ‘The tyres' bigger gyroscope boosts rotational inertia on moderate uphills, flats, and downhills.’
    • ‘Using moves that involve twisting the waist can build the kind of rotational strength your abdominals need to shape up and stay more functional.’
    • ‘Exercises using medicine balls allow you to do many rotational movements that are often difficult when using traditional strength-training equipment.’
    • ‘The rotational action of the obliques is very important in turning the shoulders, which is vital in gymnastics, diving, wrestling, and the martial arts.’
    • ‘Designing the hitch extension for rotational forces reduced the travel mechanism's price tag by a couple of million dollars.’
    • ‘When the regulator detects low air pressure, air is transferred from the sealed-off axles to the low tyre through a small rotational part on the axle.’
    • ‘The high rotational axis and forward-mounted hinge provide excellent stability, especially when cornering.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics Relating to the conceptual operation of turning a system about an axis.
      • ‘In 1765, Euler decomposed the motion of a solid into a rectilinear motion and a rotational motion.’
      • ‘He considered the Euler angles and studied rotational problems which were motivated by the problem of the precession of the equinoxes.’
      • ‘A specific difference is made in classical mechanics between parallel motion and rotational motion.’
      • ‘In this case, V is vertical symmetry, E is equilibrium, R is rotational symmetry, and HV is the relation of the polygon to a horizontal-vertical network.’
      • ‘The symmetry group of the Kepler problem is the three-dimensional rotational group SO.’
  • 2Relating to or denoting a system in which privilege or responsibility is passed to each member of a group in a regularly recurring order.

    ‘reward all selected students on a rotational basis’
    • ‘The restoration project has seen vast areas of the park put back into a rotational system of management.’
    • ‘The company moved its Bailey's Irish Cream flavour from year-round availability to rotational status.’
    • ‘It is commonplace to see new MBAs hired into rotational management programmes designed to groom future leaders.’
    • ‘Develop your career and participate in two or three rotational positions over three years.’
    • ‘The break-up of the confederacy followed a row between the two countries over the question of rotational leadership of the confederation.’
    • ‘The UK shares rotational command of this division with Canada and the Netherlands.’
    • ‘She and nine other women join together and borrow 20,000 rupees, which they split amongst themselves using a rotational method.’
    • ‘It will be constitutionally comfortable for the next administration to deliberate on the issue of a regional rotational process.’
    • ‘If adequate relief is not provided by these restrictions, then rotational daytime power cuts would be imposed on residential areas.’
    • ‘We are in favour of a rotational presidency and for an opportunity for each country to participate actively in EU foreign policy.’
    1. 2.1Relating to or denoting a system of grazing in which animals are grazed successively on different areas of land.
      ‘rotational grazing improves production’
      • ‘They are testing a system called management-intensive, or rotational, dairy grazing.’
      • ‘Perennial ryegrass tolerates continuous grazing if a two-inch stubble is maintained, but rotational grazing improves production.’
      • ‘Making two seedings about three weeks apart staggers the maturities and makes rotational grazing or harvest timing easier to manage.’
      • ‘Lax rotational grazing systems are those having less than seven paddocks with a grazing period of one to two weeks.’
      • ‘I visit a research farm where new legumes and rotational grazing are being introduced and gains are recorded by electronic ID tags in intact bulls.’
      • ‘Riparian fencing allows dormant-season rotational livestock grazing.’
      • ‘He evaluated rotational stocking, in which large numbers of cattle were moved through a series of small paddocks at short intervals to prevent overgrazing.’
      • ‘The two grazing methods evaluated were continuous and rotational stocking.’
      • ‘Short-duration rotational grazing with heavy grazing pressure results in the best use and greatest animal gains per acre.’
      • ‘Tour a certified organic farm that integrates a rotational strip cropping system and examine a sustainable and highly efficient rotational grazing system.’