Definition of rotative in English:



See rotate

‘His main backdrop at the museum will be the Easton and Amos rotative beam engine.’
  • ‘The Crossness Pumping Station was the key element, housing as it did, four magnificent rotative beam engines built by James Watt and Company.’
  • ‘Their distinctive rotative engine was complete by 1787, and 4,000 horsepower was in use by 1800, over half in Lancashire, Staffordshire, London, and Yorkshire.’
  • ‘Railway engineers looked on with envy at these smooth running rotative engines, which required no balancing and had no reciprocating motion to bedevil things.’
  • ‘James Watt patented his separate-condenser steam engine in 1774, and its rotative version in 1781.’



/ˈrōdədiv/ /ˈroʊdədɪv/