Definition of rotator cuff in English:

rotator cuff


North American Anatomy
  • A tough sheath of tendons and ligaments that supports the arm at the shoulder joint.

    • ‘The rotators of the hip are like the rotator cuff of the shoulder.’
    • ‘You don't need to be a major-league fastballer to have problems with your rotator cuff - the sheath of muscle that connects your arm to your shoulder.’
    • ‘Tendinitis of the shoulder, particularly the rotator cuff, is prevalent among swimmers and athletes who perform repeated overhead motions.’
    • ‘He still has trouble with his lower and upper back and both shoulders, especially the right rotator cuff, which stabilizes the head of the humerus within the shoulder joint.’
    • ‘In several clinical studies, the use of ultrasonography or arthrography has shown residual defects in surgically repaired rotator cuffs, with an incidence as high as 50% in some reports.’