Definition of rotgut in English:



mass nouninformal
  • Poor-quality and potentially harmful alcoholic drink.

    ‘not that fearful rotgut you drink’
    as modifier ‘rotgut whisky’
    • ‘When the heart truly aches, it doesn't matter whether you're drinking single-malt scotch or rotgut.’
    • ‘After all, the whole lime/salt ritual was originally meant to mask the taste of rotgut tequila.’
    • ‘If asked to put a name to their poison, they'd call rye, corn, booze, hooch, eel juice or rotgut.’
    • ‘Smoke a field of tobacco and drink an ocean of rotgut and you still won't have the voice he does, because a gravelly rasp isn't enough without the hard-earned perspective that informs it.’
    • ‘He drank his share of prohibition rotgut, I doubt if the shine will faze him.’
    • ‘He said it was the liquor, rum and rotgut, which made him ill, but I reckon it was something worse.’
    • ‘An accomplished master of the month-long bender, his genteel appearance belies his taste for corn liquor and high proof rotgut.’
    • ‘I would not have been able to make it through my first New Year's Eve here without streams of the vodka rotgut.’
    • ‘You try mixing Thunderbird and rotgut bourbon and see how you feel.’
    • ‘Cape brandy held its own as a basic South Africa rotgut to be found in colonial clubs and drink cabinets, in the hovels of workers on western Cape farms, and in the huts of African chiefs.’
    • ‘I observed crowds of party-animal stockbrokers knocking back cups of sweet-potato shochu, and shochu infused with Turkish apricots, both of which tasted more or less like fiery rotgut to me.’
    • ‘You can order the cheapest rotgut in the house and the bartender will not smirk at you, he'll probably think you're tough.’
    • ‘Even the meanest brand of rotgut can be made agreeable with enough ice and water.’
    • ‘He made good money, but what his sweat earned went for rotgut and other brews; he never saved a penny.’
    • ‘This, however, was not run of the mill saloon rotgut.’
    • ‘To call him a songwriter is near blasphemy; this clever child was raised on Anisette instead of murky American rotgut and it shows.’
    • ‘No, when you face an airport delay, you're entitled to rest, recreation and rotgut.’
    • ‘He downed the third beaker of jhana, the local rotgut.’
    • ‘The jails are turned loose and the drunk-tank vagabonds gain the street, full of rotgut and the heat of morning.’
    • ‘The bank robber enlists an equally seedy character and, over a bottle of rotgut, the two agree to become partners.’
    alcohol, alcoholic drink, liquor, intoxicating liquor, drink, strong drink, spirits, intoxicants