Definition of rotogravure in English:



  • 1A printing system using a rotary press with intaglio cylinders, typically running at high speed and used for long print runs of magazines and stamps.

    ‘we would love to find a sheet suitable for rotogravure that is not exorbitantly priced’
    • ‘We operate out of two technologically advanced converting facilities, offering customers a choice of rotogravure or modified flexographic printing up to 10 colors.’
    • ‘Printing processes, including lithographic, flexographic and more advanced rotogravure, now can accommodate up to 10 colors and metallic inks.’
    • ‘Operating out of two facilities in Farmingdale, the company prints up to ten colors in either rotogravure or modified flexographic.’
    • ‘Reverse printed by rotogravure in eight colors, including metallic silver, the shrinkable sleeve label enhances the company's product.’
    1. 1.1mainly North American A sheet or magazine printed by rotogravure, especially the color magazine of a Sunday newspaper.
      ‘you could go to the races in it and get your picture in the rotogravure’
      • ‘the rotogravure section of the Sunday World’



/ˌrōdəɡrəˈvyo͝or/ /ˌroʊdəɡrəˈvjʊr/


Early 20th century from German Rotogravur, part of the name of a printing company.