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  • 1A hub with a number of radiating airfoils that is rotated in an approximately horizontal plane to provide the lift for a helicopter or other rotary wing aircraft.

  • 2The rotating assembly in a turbine.

    1. 2.1The armature of an electric motor.
    2. 2.2The rotating part of the distributor of an internal combustion engine which successively makes and breaks electrical contacts so that each spark plug fires in turn.
    3. 2.3The rotating container in a centrifuge.
    4. 2.4The rotary winder of a clockwork watch.
  • 3Meteorology
    A large eddy in which the air circulates about a horizontal axis, especially in the lee of a mountain.

    • ‘a rotor cloud’



/ˈrōdər/ /ˈroʊdər/


Late 19th century formed irregularly from rotator.