Definition of Rottweiler in English:



  • A large powerful dog of a tall black-and-tan breed.

    ‘When I'm filming in Los Angeles, I'll rollerblade with my two dogs - a Rottweiler and black Labrador retriever - along the bike path.’
    • ‘Each year in Canada and the U.S. dozens of children are mauled and killed by dogs, with pit bulls, Rottweilers and German shepherds involved in the majority of fatal attacks.’
    • ‘The AKC's stats show that the large-dog trend started to gather steam in 1972, as breeds such as Labs, Doberman pinschers, and Rottweilers showed steady increases from year to year.’
    • ‘The Canadian Ranger who fought off two Rottweilers to save a six-year-old boy was awarded a Medal of Bravery by the Governor General on December 6.’
    • ‘‘She doesn't like the snow,’ said Diane, patting the Rottweiler's, sleek back.’



/ˈrätˌwīlər/ /ˈrɑtˌwaɪlər/


Early 20th century German, from Rottweil, the name of a town in SW Germany.