Definition of roture in English:


(also rôture)


  • 1In pre-revolutionary France, Canada under the seigneurial system, and certain other places with a polity based on the French feudal system: tenure of land subject to payment of rent as opposed to feudal obligations of homage and personal service; especially in "in roture". Chiefly historical.

  • 2As a count noun: a tract of land held in roture.

  • 3The status of a roturier; low social rank.


Late 17th century. From Middle French, French roture status of an estate held by a commoner, estate held by a commoner, status of a commoner, estate for which rent is paid (both 1549), commoners collectively, specific use of Middle French roture breach, act of breaking from classical Latin ruptūra.



/rəˈtjʊə/ /rəˈtʃʊə/ /rəˈtjɔː/