Definition of rough-hewn in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrəfˈhyo͞on/ /ˌrəfˈhjun/

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  • 1Denoting wood or stone that has been cut with a tool such as an axe, so that its surface is not smooth.

    ‘rough-hewn logs’
    • ‘Dark, rough-hewn wood walls and soft ambient lighting make it quite a cozy spot, and the open kitchen and small bar add to the general atmosphere.’
    • ‘The passage gradually narrowed and they were forced to move single file through the rough-hewn stone corridor.’
    • ‘All that remained was rough-hewn altar made of stone.’
    • ‘It comprised two massive rough-hewn stones forming a twelve-foot high plinth capped with an eighteen-foot bronze statue of Alfred.’
    • ‘Zeigler chose rough-hewn wood for the walls so its texture would show up through the paint.’
    • ‘Enough of his signature polished concrete, paired with rough-hewn marble, emerges to create a strong sculptural presence.’
    • ‘Someone knocked on the rough-hewn wooden door.’
    • ‘The edge of a town wrapped around into view off in the near-distance, small rough-hewn huts scattered about on the sparsely vegetated plain.’
    • ‘An off-market day, the rough-hewn, mangrove-slatted tables, usually weighted with fish, crabs, lemongrass, chilies, cassava, and other local produce, are empty.’
    • ‘Sitting at their rough-hewn wooden table, I watch through the window as their father collects cedar firewood from a jumbled pile near the box-car.’
    • ‘Anthony returned just before sunrise, collapsing against the rough-hewn doorframe of the shack, scratches and bruises littering pale skin illuminated only by the faintest of pre-dawn light.’
    • ‘Here, placed on one corner of an antique Muslim prayer rug, is a nearly 4-foot-high welded iron tripod, topped by a small round platform complete with a rough-hewn railing.’
    • ‘In recent years, the German sculptor has received international acclaim for his rough-hewn, carved-wood figures and animals.’
    • ‘I sat to read at a rough-hewn and sturdy old desk, as the aroma of meat cooking and fire filled the room.’
    • ‘Michihiro Kosuge is known throughout the region for public commissions in granite and basalt, often incorporating flowing water with the rough-hewn rock.’
    • ‘His rough-hewn marble sculptures combine a deep feeling for the inherent beauty of the material with a penchant for subtle allusion.’
    • ‘The atmosphere inside the cavern was a disorienting mixture of wet stone, sour egg sulfur and air fresheners placed strategically around the rough-hewn furnishings.’
    • ‘Many diced, drank, argued and talked throughout the tavern, mostly on rough-hewn tables and benches that were placed somewhat haphazardly on the sawdust covered floor.’
    • ‘Nearby, a man planes boards for rough-hewn furniture.’
    • ‘The air was chill, the rough-hewn granite walls and vaulted ceiling glittering with moisture, streaked with soot from the sputtering torches in sconces.’
    primitive, simple, basic, rudimentary, rough, rough and ready, rough-hewn, make-do, makeshift, improvised, cobbled together, thrown together, homespun, unfinished, unpolished, unformed, undeveloped
    1. 1.1Not sophisticated, polished, or elegant.
      ‘a rough-hewn cinematic style’
      • ‘The Dutch will just have to make do with rough-hewn success.’
      • ‘He was a heartfelt romantic who delivered his message in a rough-hewn vernacular.’
      • ‘The working class, especially the immigrant generation, was rough-hewn.’
      • ‘What the brawny actor lacks in emotive range, he more than makes up for with an appealing, roughhewn charisma.’
      • ‘I'm very taken with Daniel Craig's craggy, rough-hewn portrayal in the film.’
      • ‘Chris uses the rough hewn descriptive quality of stencils to depict scenes from an urban upbringing in Baltimore.’
      • ‘He accomplishes miracles on this CD, producing a sound of rough-hewn beauty.’
      • ‘We believe in the rough-hewn wisdom of this ancient woodsman.’
      • ‘This explains the somewhat rough hewn, fetchingly casual nature of his analyses of the game at certain key stages.’
      • ‘Still, I found it rough-hewn, lacking in nuance, plowing right through the music without a natural flow.’
      • ‘At first appearances the book may seem rough-hewn.’
      • ‘Like its fellow vintage guru predecessors, the record swells with analog warmth, mediating each instrument through its raw, rough hewn reel-to-reel median.’
      • ‘Any rough-hewn edges that may have beset a younger Daniel Johns have clearly been filed away, softening the blow.’
      • ‘Her rough-hewn charisma brought in a steady flow of revenue to fund the organizations she created, which were run by members of her immediate family.’
      • ‘The saxophonist plays with a churning, agitated energy whose tone is abrasive and rough-hewn.’
      • ‘Soderbergh uses three non-professionals, each with remarkable screen presence and roughhewn beauty, to enact an unlikely love triangle/sociological study.’
      • ‘Yet it is exactly the rough-hewn side of politics that makes candidates worth watching.’
      • ‘That said, the interior of the Orpheum Lofts is not without a rough-hewn charm.’
      • ‘Stark and tattered around the edges, it was the quintessential diamond-in-the-rough debut, but its very rough-hewn nature made it so vibrant.’
      • ‘Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart provide a virile, rough hewn soundtrack that gives the film an aural authority it barely deserves.’
    2. 1.2Denoting or possessing attractively strong or bony facial features.
      ‘his angular, rough-hewn face’
      • ‘Soaring plume prices coupled with a poverty-stricken, rough-hewn populace contributed to a true ‘tragedy of the commons.’’
      • ‘Part aristocrat and part rough-hewn soldier, Jackson represented a new kind of politics and a new conception of the presidency.’
      • ‘He is teaching the rough-hewn and poor kids of London's East End, in a school that is considered a dead end for both students and teachers.’
      • ‘The working class, especially the immigrant generation, was rough-hewn.’
      • ‘Around him ranged three others, all rough-hewn street-fighter types and native Dalreedhites.’
      • ‘The authorities may well have objected to Rembrandt's characterization of the heroic ancestors of the Dutch as rough-hewn conspirators pledging a sword oath to their half-blind leader.’
      • ‘These are rough-hewn musicians, concerned less with their appearance than their art, for what else explains the many odd fashion choices and un-coiffed hair.’
      boorish, loutish, oafish, brutish, coarse, crude, uncouth, rough-hewn, roughcast, vulgar, unrefined, unladylike, ungentlemanly, uncultured, ill-bred, ill-mannered, unmannerly, impolite, churlish, discourteous, uncivil, ungracious, rude, brusque, blunt, curt