Definition of round-the-clock in English:



  • Lasting all day and all night.

    ‘round-the-clock surveillance’
    • ‘We need to set up round-the-clock surveillance of this place, as well as their residence.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a pair of Fayetteville police officers set up round-the-clock surveillance at the construction site.’
    • ‘As a result, she received round-the-clock police protection, which her husband rejected: ‘I urge the security services and the police not to bother.’’
    • ‘The most popular locations, such as Ireland and India, offered well-educated, English-speaking programmers and convenient time differences for round-the-clock remediation.’
    • ‘His 100 days under round-the-clock guard do not count as imprisonment under Chinese law; such time is considered ‘living under surveillance.’’
    • ‘The age-old distinction between day and night eroded, especially during the 1940s, when wartime needs necessitated round-the-clock production.’
    • ‘He has hired 500 more workers and this month is adding a third shift for round-the-clock production - a first in auto manufacturing history.’
    • ‘A static Web presence has the ability to act as your virtual, global customer service, marketing, and public relations representative on a round-the-clock basis.’
    • ‘When poor women cannot get basic prenatal care, for example, they and their newborns are more likely to suffer complications requiring round-the-clock intensive care.’
    • ‘For many organizations, there are simply not enough systems support people available to provide round-the-clock service and support at multiple locations.’
    • ‘The hotel also has a round-the-clock business centre with secretarial services, computers, small meeting rooms and audio-visual equipment.’
    • ‘The change in classification frees up federal funding for round-the-clock research and steps up authorization for nationwide epidemiological studies.’
    • ‘The Quals have structured their duties so that they get every other weekend off - a real luxury compared to the round-the-clock duty many dairy farmers live with.’
    • ‘When the economy is booming and unemployment is low, it is difficult to attract and retain workers in the stressful, round-the-clock business of call centers.’
    • ‘The company has dropped plans to put in a gas station, another source of opposition, but has said the round-the-clock hours are nonnegotiable.’
    • ‘Keeping all apartments and facilities throughout our communities well-maintained is a round-the-clock job for our maintenance staffs.’
    • ‘Fitting in is a round-the-clock preoccupation.’
    • ‘This round-the-clock cycle continued for months.’
    • ‘Within hours, TV networks provided round-the-clock information on the events and commentary on potential ripple effects.’
    • ‘In 1996 and 1997 the company spent $110,000 a year on round-the-clock security.’



/ˌround (T͟H)ə ˈkläk/ /ˌraʊnd (ð)ə ˈklɑk/