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round trip

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  • A journey to one or more places and back again.

    ‘The round trip is a whopping 12,400 miles, and Nicole's journey is the fastest known return migration of any swimming animal, the researchers say.’
    • ‘The publicity secretary said people wishing to travel would only pay a nominal fee of K50,000 for a round trip including meals.’
    • ‘Tour managers will make two-hour round trips to retrieve mislaid mobile phones, and they'll field calls from partners.’
    • ‘The thought that my bottle could travel over 10,000 miles on a round trip passing through several industrial processes just to find its way back to the shelf is outrageous.’
    • ‘Sometimes the hefty hard copies made several round trips before everybody agreed on protocols - a process that typically took at least two months.’
    • ‘While removing the old transformer, I noticed that most of its legs had sheared off: a process that began whenever the unit had been shipped - a round trip from Maui to New York City and then to the Twin Cities.’
    • ‘My matured ‘sister’ agreed, and took my two best friends on a round trip through the town.’
    • ‘It took two days to make the round trip by wagon to Stuart, a total distance of about thirty-five miles.’
    • ‘He stretched for a bit and then got up and jogged a five-mile round trip about the neighborhood.’
    • ‘The next week, after I had returned the car, I was presented with the data of my weekend's journeys, which included one 60 mile round trip to Mornington.’
    • ‘Kim returned home Aug.18 after a three-week round-trip railway trip across the vast expanse of Siberia to Moscow and St. Petersburg.’


round trip

/ˈˌroun(d) ˈtrip/ /ˈˌraʊn(d) ˈtrɪp/