Definition of rounders in English:


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plural noun

treated as singular
  • A ball game similar to baseball, played chiefly in British schools.

    ‘The children will play a variety of sports including hockey, basketball, rounders, Olympic handball, Gaelic football and table tennis.’
    • ‘Several baseball players and writers pointed to the British games of cricket and rounders as clear sources for baseball's origins.’
    • ‘I suggest going to the park for a kick around with a football, or a game of rounders, cricket or frisbee.’
    • ‘She plays field hockey, tennis and rounders, which is kind of the English version of baseball.’
    • ‘Sport is very competitive and we travelled mostly to Pompey to play football, rounders, and tennis.’
    • ‘We played football and street rounders, and sometimes that ball really hurt.’
    • ‘We played rounders and cricket in the street and sometimes that ball really stung.’
    • ‘This was not due to a lack of ability as Tom had excellent ball control, could accurately score goals and easily hit a rounders' ball.’
    • ‘These included that a portion of waste land to the West of the estate be designated a play area for such activities as football, rounders, etc.’
    • ‘Playing hopscotch, hide and seek, even a game of rounders was all in a day's fun for a thirteen year old in the good old days.’
    • ‘A game of rounders or Frisbee in the park costs nothing.’
    • ‘In the warmer seasons it would have echoed to the excited calls of bull rush and rounders, the click of cricket bat and ball.’
    • ‘Over the 3 days, the players were put through their paces of hurling as well as taking part in fun-games, rounders and skills testing.’
    • ‘When I see a group of immigrant boys playing a crude match of rounders in the streets of the village, I feel pride for the assimilating spirit of the sport.’
    • ‘He was one of the early initiators of cricket in Rio Claro, which he saw as a healthy hobby for the area's boys; in the same way, he sponsored rounders for girls.’



/ˈroundərz/ /ˈraʊndərz/