Definition of rowback in English:



  • An instance of reversing an earlier decision or previously held opinion.

    ‘the government was forced into yet more rowbacks on budget cuts’
    • ‘Some journalists avoid the subterfuge of rowback altogether by ignoring their major errors and motoring on to the next subject.’
    • ‘Is this what you meant when you told us about rowback?’
    • ‘If it's true, it's about as galactically craven and poll driven a rowback as I've ever heard.’
    • ‘He used the Belfast Press conference to explain the wider reasons for his rowback in the case by appealing over the heads of the Garda to the general public.’
    • ‘"The principles of the EU is that people have the right to move goods around without hindrance and there's been a rowback in that position by Britain," said the spokesman.’
    • ‘Many publications prefer to correct the record via "rowback."’
    • ‘It's a huge rowback and a difficult one for consumers to take.’
    reintroduce, re-establish, reinstall, reinstate, reinstitute, relaunch, revive, resuscitate, resurrect, breathe new life into