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  • A bag with shoulder straps that allow it to be carried on someone's back, typically made of a strong, waterproof material and widely used by hikers; a backpack.

    ‘In addition, no bags, rucksacks & backpacks larger than eight inches square will be allowed beyond the ticketing and security checkpoints or into the grounds of the Belfry.’
    • ‘He was carrying a small rucksack and a small green carrier bag.’
    • ‘He was wearing a green jacket and dark coloured waterproof trousers and had been carrying a grey rucksack.’
    • ‘On the other side, the backpackers, tanned and fit, casually shoulder their rucksacks and adjust their sunglasses.’
    • ‘Once all the cash has been collected, it will also be used to purchase necessary items such as rucksacks to carry the equipment, training manuals and oxygen cylinders.’
    • ‘After a gap of three hours there was a further sighting of the men, all wearing trainers and T-shirts and two carrying rucksacks, at Baker Street station.’
    • ‘Police released CCTV footage of the four men, who were carrying large rucksacks, in a bid to eliminate them from the inquiry.’
    • ‘Eye witnesses said the perpetrators were carrying rucksacks.’
    • ‘Last May they started training again, yomping up hills carrying loaded rucksacks.’
    • ‘Group members also helped out one of their number who picked up an injury on the second day, carrying his rucksack the rest of the way.’
    • ‘He has blue eyes, short dark hair and wore a black top and cycling shorts and carried a rucksack.’
    • ‘He's carrying a rucksack and all these little plastic bags and a penknife.’
    • ‘If you don't attend many conferences you won't have noticed that it seems to be fashionable to give out rucksacks, backpacks and haversacks as freebies to delegates.’
    • ‘Airmen each carried rucksacks laden with more than 120 pounds of food and water expecting to be in the area for five days.’
    • ‘Trekking is not just about carrying a rucksack and wandering around the mountains.’
    • ‘Most use a small rucksack that carries everything including food, drink, clothing, bait and tackle.’
    • ‘She hung the rucksack on her shoulder and walked slowly down the familiar paths she had passed before.’
    • ‘I came to the city centre with one hold-all and a small bag, and went away with two hold-alls, three bags and two rucksacks!’
    • ‘Modern rucksacks and sports bags no longer look like simple nylon sacks anymore.’
    • ‘She found a small hollow, pulled out her sleeping bag, used the rucksack as a pillow and tried to get some sleep.’
    suitcase, case, valise, portmanteau, grip, overnight bag, overnighter, flight bag, travelling bag, Gladstone bag, carpet bag



/ˈrəkˌsak/ /ˈrəkˌsæk/ /ˈro͝okˌsak/ /ˈrʊkˌsæk/


Mid 19th century from German, from rucken (dialect variant of Rücken ‘back’) + Sack ‘bag, sack’.