Definition of rudely in English:


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  • 1In an offensive or bad-mannered way.

    ‘he rudely snatched the water pitcher’
    • ‘she is seen gesturing rudely to the paparazzi’
    • ‘She flirts shamelessly with the dashing danseur, who declines rather rudely to dance with her.’
    • ‘Casting his eye down the table, he rudely dismisses his assistant with a wave of his hand.’
    • ‘He treats the guests quite rudely by his mother's estimation.’
    • ‘There is a teacher speaking rudely to an eager student, enjoying her little power.’
    • ‘Major upheavals in the game's interface went undocumented, and requests for information rudely refused.’
    • ‘Her notarized written descriptions included dressing in drag and behaving rudely.’
    • ‘Perhaps the staff is acting so rudely because they resent the banishment of dear Cordelia.’
    • ‘They hear a sermon going on and rudely walk into the middle of a funeral.’
    • ‘He rudely kicks the women out, slapping Stella on her thigh.’
    • ‘He appears oblivious to the person he is addressing and rudely reprimands those who interrupt his rants.’
  • 2In a startling and abrupt way.

    ‘a stream of light in my eyes rudely awakened me’
    • ‘The confidence of its 40 million shareholders, mostly middle-class professionals and pensioners, has been rudely shattered.’
    • ‘My university education got rudely interrupted.’
    • ‘I'm in that twilight state between sleep and waking in the very early morning, before the rudely steep climb of the day's foothills and mountains.’
    • ‘Suddenly he was rudely snatched up by a soldier.’
    • ‘The opening song bursts rudely into life, powered by clanging guitars and a fantastic, howling vocal.’
    • ‘He would begin caterwauling, and I would be rudely jerked out of my reverie.’
    • ‘The leisurely horizontal qualities of the Spanish landscape are rudely disrupted by his uptight and upright entrance.’
    • ‘I am sorry to awaken you rudely from this daydream.’
    • ‘The outside world is about to rudely intrude on his quiet existence.’
    • ‘Theirs is an all-consuming love that has been rudely dashed but will quicken again tomorrow, regardless of today's despair.’



/ˈro͞odlē/ /ˈrudli/