Definition of rugby league in English:

rugby league

Pronunciation /ˌrəɡbē ˈlēɡ/ /ˌrəɡbi ˈliɡ/


  • A form of rugby played in teams of thirteen, originally by a group of northern English clubs which separated from rugby union in 1895. Besides having somewhat different rules, the game differed from rugby union in always allowing professionalism.

    • ‘St Joseph's High School will play host to cricket, netball, football and rugby league.’
    • ‘Mr Marson, whose cancer was diagnosed eight weeks ago, was a keen follower of football, rugby league and tennis.’
    • ‘The latter had never played a game of rugby league before, his only experience being in the union code.’
    • ‘Money raised from the raffle was to go towards the resurrection of professional rugby league in York’
    • ‘The bid to resurrect professional rugby league in York is set to receive an official boost from City of York Council.’
    • ‘I'm playing rugby league and boxing and have dispensed with the bike for the daily commute in favour of running.’
    • ‘It is as though rugby league is a pioneer sport in a region that was once it's exclusive domain.’
    • ‘By contrast, the future of professional rugby league in the city looks grim.’
    • ‘A World Cup win in cricket or rugby league would probably have met with a similar response.’
    • ‘We've got a vibrant club and the city is buzzing again with talk of rugby league.’
    • ‘There are enough fans of rugby league in the city of York to make the new club a success.’
    • ‘York Wasps could find themselves playing summer rugby league as part of a radical shake-up of the sport.’
    • ‘The tournament is designed to raise the profile of rugby league, while improving sport in schools.’
    • ‘Mr Solomon heard that Zak was a purple belt in karate and had medals for rugby league as well as being a formidable footballer.’
    • ‘In Australia, rugby league was a far more important sport than it was in the UK.’
    • ‘Selsa is always looking for young people aged between 13 and 16 to play rugby league.’
    • ‘He said that he hoped to remain involved in shaping the future of Welsh rugby league.’
    • ‘Robinson is cutting a dash in the male dominated world of rugby league.’
    • ‘He has used York's walk-in centre after suffering a wound playing rugby league.’
    • ‘Playing rugby league when the weather's as nice as it has been can be a tough prospect if you're not prepared for it.’


rugby league

/ˌrəɡbē ˈlēɡ/ /ˌrəɡbi ˈliɡ/