Definition of rule of the road in English:

rule of the road


usually rules of the road
  • A custom or law regulating the direction in which two vehicles (or riders or ships) should move to pass one another on meeting, or which should yield to the other, so as to avoid collision.

    • ‘Free brochures are available on children's safety, life jackets, rules of the road, weather, hypothermia, and alcohol and boating.’
    • ‘While it's a necessity to educate and encourage drivers of vehicles to obey the rules of the road, I wish the campaign would include the inconsiderate pedestrian.’
    • ‘Cmdr Orchard said he was trying to get the message across that people need to slow down and obey the rules of the road.’
    • ‘Every day, good drivers, obeying speed limits and the rules of the road, are nonetheless injured or killed by careless, drunk, inexperienced, or reckless drivers.’
    • ‘On weekends you will also find that there are uncaring and inconsiderate drivers who do not observe speed limits and rules of the road.’
    • ‘We do everything possible to ensure that our drivers adhere to the rules of the road, especially speed limits.’
    • ‘Cyclists share all the rules of the road with motorists, although they do have some unique rights and obligations.’
    • ‘Well done to all the motorists who obey the rules of the road to the letter of the law.’
    • ‘The driving culture illustrates a near total lack of respect for the rules of the road as indicated in the number of vehicles that run red lights at high speeds.’
    • ‘The terrified and timid, wobbling slowly across everyone's path, are completely oblivious to the rules of the road or the mild chaos they caused to other riders.’
    • ‘Go down certain sections of Nanjing Road and the motorbikes and cyclists are still trying to cut between vehicles as well as ignoring any rules of the road.’
    • ‘Part of the problem is that drivers don't know the rules of the road, and do not properly maintain their vehicles.’
    • ‘I would like to encourage the local authorities to go down this road to put a stop to the blatant ignorance many motorist demonstrate in relation to the rules of the road.’
    • ‘There is something we can all do to assist traffic authorities: we can observe the rules of the road, buckle up and drive carefully with due courtesy for other road users.’
    • ‘Drive safely this Easter holiday, obey the rules of the road, try not to travel in the dark, take a break often if you're on a long drive, and most importantly buckle up!’
    • ‘He appealed to all road users to slow down and observe the rules of the road especially in relation to drink driving, speed and the wearing of safety belts.’
    • ‘My mistake, though, was not ignoring the rules of the road, but what was perceived as dangerous driving.’
    • ‘Vehicles are still driving through the crossroads everyday despite good stop signs and yellow lines in place; there are some not paying any attention to the rules of the road.’
    • ‘Our highways would be a safer place if cyclists obeyed the rules of the road and pedestrians stayed on the footpath and looked carefully before stepping out.’
    • ‘Machaea said despite numerous warnings about road safety, drivers still disobeyed the rules of the road, leading to unnecessary deaths.’


rule of the road

/ˌruːl əv ðə ˈrəʊd/