Definition of run a tight ship in English:

run a tight ship


  • Be very strict in managing an organization or operation.

    ‘‘I want to portray an image of success,’ Gerry admits, to show that it's feasible to be organic and still run a tight ship.’
    • ‘And to the sheriff's credit, he runs a tight ship here.’
    • ‘Wilkinson runs a tight ship, and any privacy is treasured.’
    • ‘He runs a tight ship - no drinking, no drugs, no chatting up girls on set.’
    • ‘Bailey is a bright and likeable woman but it is plain she runs a tight ship.’
    • ‘‘We have been running a tight ship for many years in terms of financial control,’ said Buchanan.’
    • ‘We don't want to be blamed for running a tight ship and being prudent.’
    • ‘From the beginning he needed to run a tight ship; he needed to be seen to be running a tight ship.’
    • ‘We run a tight ship and keep within our means every year.’
    • ‘You can't take public money and not run a tight ship.’