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run through

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phrasal verb

  • 1run through somethingBe present in every part of something; pervade.

    ‘a sense of personal loss runs through many of his lyrics’
    • ‘The other interesting theme running through here is the loss of family.’
    • ‘Do you sense a strong current of social idealism running through present-day American design?’
    • ‘While it is difficult to categorize the projects presented in this volume, one common thread that runs through much of the work is the architects' concern for ecologically sound design.’
    • ‘One theme I find runs through all the emails is the lack of information available at the time of the first diagnosis.’
    • ‘The absence/presence thread is one which runs through all the works.’
    • ‘The common theme that runs through these 500 pages is how ordinary people perform extraordinary feats of strength and courage, day after day, month after month, year after year.’
    • ‘A sense of purposefulness runs through his entire article.’
    • ‘A critique of consumerism runs through many of the works, including those by Kristof Kintera and Alena Kotzmannova.’
    • ‘‘There is an unpleasant air of patronage running through this book’, one reviewer complained.’
    • ‘The thread that seems to run through all her books that I have read is one of alienation and then reabsorption, either from/by society or by families.’
    pervade, permeate, suffuse, imbue, inform, go through
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  • 2run through somethingUse or spend something recklessly or rapidly.

    ‘her husband had long since run through her money’
    • ‘It didn't take them too many years to run through all their money.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, he quickly ran through the money and had to ask Morgan for more.’
    • ‘That ever-charming quality stood him in good stead as he ran through the money of numerous family friends who invested in a long string of his losing ventures.’
    • ‘The company has already run through several hundred million in start-up money.’
    • ‘By 1592, with both parents dead, he had run through his inheritance.’
    squander, fritter away, spend, spend like water, throw away, dissipate, waste, go through, consume, use up
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  • 3run through somethingGo over something quickly as a reminder or rehearsal.

    ‘I'll just run through the schedule for the weekend’
    • ‘okay, let's run through Scene 3 again’
    go over, go through, look over, look through, cast one's eye over, take a look at, run over
    rehearse, practise, go through, go over, repeat, do again
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  • 4run someone through, run through someoneStab a person so as to kill them.

    ‘Campbell threatened to run him through with his sword’
    • ‘An opponent with a knife could easily run you through if you tried that, so it wasn't actually very convincing as self-defense.’
    • ‘Descartes drew his sword and threatened to run them through if they tried to harm him.’
    • ‘At once he unleashed an unearthly scream, as though someone had just run him through with a spear.’
    • ‘Feng ran him through, his sword sticking into the ground on the other side of him.’
    • ‘As the second soldier turned in surprise to see who had shot his comrade, Dawson ran him through with his bayonet.’
    • ‘They ran him through with their bayonets and clubbed him with iron bars.’
    stab, pierce, transfix, impale
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