Definition of running battle in English:

running battle


  • 1A military engagement which does not occur at a fixed location.

    • ‘They fought a running battle in Haifa Street.’
    • ‘This set the pattern for the entire mission with a series of fierce running battles, day and night, against conventional forces and specially trained counter-SF troops.’
    • ‘The running battle up the Channel was inconclusive (two Spanish ships lost through accident) and only the English fireship attack on the Armada's anchorage off Calais broke the stalemate.’
    • ‘His ‘Mahdi army’ fought running battles with the British Army in Basra and in the Maysan province.’
    • ‘Troops fought running battles with Iraqi forces on roads leading to Baghdad.’
    1. 1.1A confrontation which has gone on for a long time.
      • ‘‘We had a running battle with the Globe,’ complains the Flynn manager.’
      • ‘He had a running battle with the editor of the Vanuatu Trading Post, the country's only non-government news source.’
      • ‘What it certainly did was to set off a series of running battles and feuds that brought the project to a practical standstill for the next nine months.’
      • ‘The lawsuit is the latest salvo in a long running battle against farm pollution in California's Central Valley.’
      • ‘More generally, the securities and insurance industries have fought a running battle, one weapon being litigation, against the expansion of banks into these areas.’


running battle

/ˌrʌnɪŋ ˈbat(ə)l/