Definition of running total in English:

running total


  • A total that is continually adjusted to take account of further items.

    ‘he has an endearing vagueness about the exact number of operas he has written, but the running total is 40’
    • ‘With each shot, the player adds an additional number to his running total and this total is used to determine how he is doing on a hole.’
    • ‘During the three minutes I could bear to watch, some awful footage was only rescued by a fairly amusing body count screen, showing the running total of gruesome deaths thus far.’
    • ‘The way the scoring works, if you win you get a score made up of what's left in the hand of every other player, while they have their scores taken off their running totals.’
    • ‘I'll total the amounts disclosed in the comments and display a running total on the blog.’
    • ‘It plots a running total of the swing index value of each bar.’
    • ‘Each player's score is the running total of the penalties he has accumulated.’
    • ‘The photo competition continues, and Brownie Points running totals will be announced at the weekend.’
    • ‘Instead of taking a calculator to the supermarket, you could just point and scan your own basket and keep a running total, as well as a long-term, instantly accessed record of your purchases.’
    • ‘Then let him know which charity you gave to so he can list it on his site and add it to the running total.’
    • ‘Rather than make separate measurements each day, he continually topped up a cylinder to give a running total, and so avoid multiplying small errors of measurement.’
    • ‘The running total on the tax yield from the offshore accounts investigation this weekend stands at €200 million.’
    • ‘The difference is that now the longer-term trader keeps a tally of the score each day in a running total.’
    • ‘Scarborough Health Trust is said by the district auditor to have deliberately falsified the electronic records of more than 160 patients and missed large numbers off the running totals used to measure its performance.’
    • ‘As election results come in Tuesday, I'll be filling them in with the appropriate colors, along with running totals of the Electoral College vote.’
    • ‘Each day, I'll be posting the running totals for each decade, so that you can track the ebb and flow of their fortunes as the project runs on.’
    • ‘The running total on defence spending since December 2003 is around $8 billion so far: sweet music to the ears of defence contractors, who will be the direct beneficiaries of these tax dollars.’
    • ‘The running total for two days of counting, then, is 1,300 pieces of spam and less than 10 genuine, non-duplicate, non-test messages to my personal account.’
    • ‘In fact, we intend to keep a running total of funding raised for the trip on the blog here so that everyone can see for themselves how the fund-raising is going and how much closer we are to meeting our goal.’
    • ‘I usually watch the screen, which shows a running total.’
    • ‘The running total for cash raised during the recent Ingrid Rosie cancer fundraising weekend stands at £5, 370.28.’
    number, count, tally, total, running total, sum total, grand total, sum, score, reckoning, enumeration, register, record, inventory, list, listing, account, roll, roster, index, directory


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