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  • The basic monetary unit of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius, and the Seychelles, equal to 100 paise in India, Pakistan, and Nepal, and 100 cents in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and the Seychelles.

    ‘A more telling index of the progress of the War on Terror is the exchange rate between the dollar and the Pakistani rupee.’
    • ‘Some of the screen printing units have received orders worth crores of rupees.’
    • ‘Annually there is a loss of crores of rupees, only because dead bodies are cremated in India.’
    • ‘On receiving news that Moody's had turned its India outlook from stable to positive, the rupee rose four paise.’
    • ‘Crores of rupees change hands and children are forced to become slaves.’
    • ‘Businessmen estimate that goods worth crores of rupees have been damaged by the water in Kapda Market.’
    • ‘Raw and finished goods worth crores of rupees were destroyed as the rain water accumulated in the godowns.’
    • ‘The village of 20 areca farmers has an outstanding loan amount of more than one crore rupees.’
    • ‘Give or take a few crores, the national parties among themselves have spent a thousand crore rupees.’
    • ‘Instead of spending crores of rupees on your Temple charades, why not put the money to a good cause like this one?’
    • ‘Stamp duty was reduced and the Government ended up losing crores of rupees.’
    • ‘He said 50 villages in Amabla had been affected by floods leading to loss of crores of rupees.’
    • ‘Had BMP implemented the project on its own, it would have saved several crores of rupees.’
    • ‘Sarees costing lakhs of rupees and ornaments worth crores should be looked down upon by the society.’
    • ‘However, now, the trio are absconding after cheating people of crores of rupees.’
    • ‘Crores of rupees have been spent on a layout that might just get buried under illegal constructions.’
    • ‘All the other channels will be launching programmes giving away crores upon crores of rupees.’
    • ‘Moreover, thousands of crores of rupees had to spent to buy power for farmers.’
    • ‘The district administration has pumped in crores of rupees to make the falls attractive.’
    • ‘The violence disrupted normal life in the city and damaged property worth crores of rupees.’



/ro͞oˈpē/ /ruˈpi/ /ˈro͞opē/ /ˈrupi/


Via Hindi from Sanskrit rūpya ‘wrought silver’.