Definition of Russian vine in English:

Russian vine


  • An Asian climbing plant of the dock family, with long clusters of white or pink flowers, which is sometimes cultivated as a fast-growing screening plant.

    Fallopia baldschuanica, family Polygonaceae

    • ‘They cut away the dead wood, the ivy, the Russian vine, leaving a nearly naked yew and Scots pine, which may well survive and regenerate.’
    • ‘On an impulse (always a mistake), I planted a mile a minute Russian vine which I thought might fill the bill until the pyracantha gets going.’
    • ‘For added interest, Brenda has some clematis, honeysuckle, winter-flowering jasmine and Russian vine as climbers.’
    • ‘Chris now feels able to go ten-pin bowling, work out in the gym - albeit with due care and consideration for his body - jog and do battle with the rampant Russian vine whose mission it is to overrun his garden.’
    • ‘We purchased six Russian vine plants (two for Blackpool, the rest for London).’