Definition of russula in English:



  • A widespread woodland toadstool that typically has a brightly coloured flattened cap and a white stem and gills.

    Genus Russula, family Russulaceae, class Hymenomycetes: numerous species. See also and sickener and (sense 2)

    ‘Most russulas are of medium size, up to 10 cm across the cap, which in young specimens is convex but later acquires a depression in the centre.’
    ‘Slowly, I learn to sniff the nuances: funnel caps have a hint of wet dog; truffle-like earthballs have a tang of burnt rubber; crab russula is redolent of shellfish; yellow sulphur mushrooms remind me of the Thames on a hot day.’


Modern Latin, from Latin russus ‘red’ (because many, such as the sickener, have a red cap).