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adjectiveadjective rustier, adjective rustiest

  • 1(of a metal object) affected by rust.

    ‘a rusty hinge’
    • ‘To remove caked on rust, scour the rusty surface with a metal brush.’
    • ‘The rusty, metal hinges squeaked as he pulled the door open, wincing as it scraped loudly against the stone floor, and stepped inside.’
    • ‘When a car has a steel fuel tank, as yours does, it will eventually start to rust and small bits of rusty metal and flaked paint will collect at the lowest point in the tank.’
    • ‘It takes time, but the rusty metal door creaks open.’
    • ‘Andrew picked rusty bits of metal off my car, and so I drove it home a little lighter than I drove it out - which should save on petrol if nothing else, I suppose.’
    • ‘A few rusty bits of scrap metal are not really direct evidence of ‘weapons of mass destruction’.’
    • ‘The reason is the metal's become so rusty that it's too thin and people's weight would make the leaks worse.’
    • ‘Removing the rusty metal presented us with a somewhat unstable-looking climb down of about 4m complete with plenty of scaffolding shoring.’
    • ‘Their leader slowly inserted a rusty metal key into the lock.’
    • ‘The first thing in view was the old, rusty, metal plate saying ‘Clenverry station’.’
    • ‘At first it appeared to be nothing more than a rusty, unsightly, metal wall with several tall pillars guarding the front.’
    • ‘All of the round tables around the cafe were a rusty metal, with metal chairs around them that were upholstered with a blue fabric.’
    • ‘Putting his hand on the box, he felt the coolness of the rusty metal.’
    • ‘We were in a large room with rusty metal walls and a cracked cement floor.’
    • ‘Shutting my eyes, I stretched my hands above me, reaching for the rusty metal rings.’
    • ‘The buildings were made of either used or rusty metal, and many of the windows were broken.’
    • ‘We landed hard with a shower of sparks and a few rusty pieces of metal coming from the bottom of the van.’
    • ‘But you could see the rusty metal underneath if you looked about from different angles.’
    • ‘Then you either jump or use an old rusty metal ladder to enter the water, and do it all again in reverse at the end of the dive.’
    • ‘As the road neared its end, Mandy turned into the weed-infested driveway of a badly weathered house bearing a rusty metal roof.’
    rusted, rust-covered, corroded, oxidized
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    1. 1.1Rust-colored.
      ‘green grass turning a rusty brown’
      • ‘His shaggy black hair was now slowly changing to a rusty reddish brown color, almost his natural color.’
      • ‘The famous altar at which the prophesies were made by pouring wine in a blazing fire and divining on the smoke can still be seen as a large rusty brown circle in the stone.’
      • ‘The only traces of the towers are a series of steel girders torn into crazy angles and already turning a rusty brown from the moisture coming off the nearby river.’
      • ‘His hair was still that familiar color that danced from rusty brown to a light copper as the sun played with the loose locks.’
      • ‘The stenciled-on eagles looked old already, being colored a rusty brown and painted on by the strange elementary-goers.’
      • ‘His hair was rusty brown, and he had a small mustache.’
      • ‘The colour of his hair was an exact match with that of the rusty brown floorboards, and had been combed back to match the neatness of his rather expensive suit.’
      • ‘A rusty brown coyote gingerly stepped into view, sniffed in my direction, and promptly loped away in the opposite direction.’
      • ‘The rusty brown silk ground is covered with couched gold diamond-shaped outlines enclosing silk floral patterns.’
      • ‘It was made from a length of rusty brown Malta Weave cotton.’
      • ‘The water was more of a rusty brown than a clear reflecting blue.’
      • ‘Yet their colors differ, ranging from a greenish-yellow to a rusty brown.’
      • ‘She stood there looking at it until it dried to a brown, rusty color.’
      • ‘It was a vast, barren desert of rusty brown with countless rocks of all shapes and sizes littering its surface.’
      • ‘The fur is rather oily in texture and is a rusty brown colour.’
      • ‘For one thing, the bath that she has drawn for him is rusty brown.’
      • ‘He had deep red eyes that looked more like a rusty brown in the daytime.’
      • ‘The blood on the tie wasn't bright red anymore; in fact, it was starting to turn rusty brown.’
      • ‘The colour of ivory differs markedly from creamy white to a rusty brown, especially if it has been exposed to light, or treated with a stain.’
      • ‘The rusty brown, scarlet, and straw-colored leaves brushed about their feet and the smell of cider filled the air.’
      reddish-brown, chestnut, auburn, tawny, russet, coppery, copper, Titian, rust-coloured, reddish, rufous
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  • 2(of knowledge or a skill) impaired by lack of recent practice.

    ‘my typing is a little rusty’
    • ‘Want to practice your rusty French skills, but don't have enough money to vacation in France?’
    • ‘I was thinking that my lack of luck with Brad the lumberjack may be due to my flirting skills being rusty.’
    • ‘Whatever the reason these folks have been unemployed, their job skills are probably rusty.’
    • ‘But her study skills were rusty, and she found it difficult to juggle work and child rearing, so she dropped out.’
    • ‘She lashed out at everyone, blaming them all for her rusty skills.’
    • ‘The organiser of the Baltinglass adult learning scheme explained that learning skills can go rusty and need constant use.’
    • ‘He clarified by email today proving that my fence building skills have gotten rusty at best.’
    • ‘I guess at some stage they decided not to invite me back and my skills got rusty.’
    • ‘Right across the region players experienced similar sensations as they tested their rusty wet weather skills.’
    • ‘As a result, his skydiving skills were a little rusty.’
    • ‘It's no wonder our crosswind ability is often one of our first pilot skills to get rusty, making it a major cause of flying accidents.’
    • ‘Other parents, especially single moms, may feel their outdoor skills are a bit rusty and need some help.’
    • ‘Sometimes, skills get rusty, especially if they have not been used regularly.’
    • ‘My standard day trip to Whitegrass begins with a shakedown on a corner of the snow farm to rouse my rusty skating skills.’
    • ‘Back in the fixed gear mode last night, I realized just how rusty my skills were when riding this way on the dirt.’
    • ‘Psychiatrists often register concern that their rusty resuscitation skills may be called upon on board an aircraft.’
    • ‘My bartering skills seem to have become rusty since my last visit to Turkey.’
    • ‘Clearly, his knowledge of the subject is a tad rusty.’
    • ‘He will be travelling to Colorado in the New Year to test out his snowboarding abilities which he admits are slightly rusty as he has not hit the slopes since March.’
    • ‘Do you reckon your experience and technique as ex-elite rowers, however rusty any of you might be, will get you over the line first?’
    out of practice, not as good as it used to be, below par
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    1. 2.1Stiff with age or disuse.
      ‘it was my first race for three months and I felt a bit rusty’
      • ‘Her workshop is aimed at beginners, rusty or stiff movers who want to have some fun and lead a healthier lifestyle through dance.’
      • ‘It felt a bit rusty at first but I am really enjoying myself.’
      aching, achy, painful
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    2. 2.2(of a voice) croaking.
      ‘her voice sounded rusty’
      • ‘His voice was rusty and strained, but it felt good to speak of Ross.’
      • ‘Her voice sounded rusty, and it took her two attempts to regain her feet.’
      • ‘His voice may be rusty, his once formidable stomp may be little more than a symbolic tap against the plywood and he may forget his own lyrics on occasion.’
      • ‘Her voice was light and musical, not rusty and shrill.’
      • ‘‘Don't worry, little one,’ I whisper, my throat slightly rusty from disuse.’



/ˈrəstē/ /ˈrəsti/


Old English rūstig(see rust, -y).