Definition of ruthlessness in English:



  • The quality of lacking pity or compassion for others.

    ‘the real-world ruthlessness of business’
    • ‘With her strong sense of duty, she was never able to have the ruthlessness a writer needs.’
    • ‘The business of photo editing calls for a certain ruthlessness.’
    • ‘His willingness to meld the ruthlessness of a Hollywood mogul with the power of the Internet is unique.’
    • ‘She built a reputation for ruthlessness in her determination to get the very best deal for her pension fund clients.’
    • ‘He fought the Indian wars with a ruthlessness that bordered on the maniacal.’
    • ‘It is a worthwhile reminder of the sheer breathtaking ruthlessness of many of their acts.’
    • ‘He saw in her a calculated ruthlessness that the clan had previously been lacking.’
    • ‘His ruthlessness was the satirical element of that film.’
    • ‘The effects attack the imagination with unexpected ruthlessness.’
    • ‘As Phil the agent, he made the unlikely combination of ruthlessness and affability seem plausible.’