Definition of rutted in English:


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  • Having long deep tracks made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles.

    ‘a gruelling drive on rutted dirt roads’
    • ‘The tea garden is very isolated, cut off from the main roads by rutted dust tracks.’
    • ‘The letter was printed beneath a picture of a badly rutted grass surface.’
    • ‘Soon the road becomes a single rutted track in a green tunnel of clattering branches.’
    • ‘Trading dirt road for rutted cow path, you navigate between leafy 'living fences'.’
    • ‘Only tourists can afford this fast journey, a comfortable alternative to the 12-hour torment on the rutted tracks of Cambodia.’
    • ‘Success for a commercial artist often means pressure to repeat that success by trodding the same rutted path.’
    • ‘It was felt the route could become deeply rutted by uncontrolled vehicular use, encouraging drivers to detour off the route onto the fells.’
    • ‘The road to the ranch is a rutted track of red clay that stretches a slow nine miles from the highway.’
    • ‘A faintly rutted road, wide enough to allow a team of horses, holds off the encroaching prairie.’
    • ‘The first rutted section of the road jolted the vehicle airborne, slamming my head against the roof.’