Definition of ryot in English:



  • An Indian peasant or tenant farmer.

    • ‘The Vice-Chancellor of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and the Director of Seed Certification also visited the farm and answered the queries of the ryots.’
    • ‘The unscrupulous ryots have been filling up open pits with tank water through a drain.’
    • ‘Because, in the preceding years, the ryots underwent a severe prolonged spell of drought.’
    • ‘The ryots collect them and work out a Pest Defenders Ratio based on which they arrive at a conclusion for any Integrated Pest Management activity.’
    • ‘In this endeavour, it organised a two-day herbal exhibition for public and ryots here.’
    bumpkin, country bumpkin, country cousin, rustic, countryman, countrywoman, country dweller, daughter of the soil, son of the soil, peasant, provincial, oaf, lout, boor, barbarian


From Urdu raiyat, from Arabic ra‘īyya ‘flock, subjects’, from ra‘ā ‘to pasture’.