Definition of Saalian in English:


Pronunciation /-lēən/

adjective & noun


See Saale

‘In this context, the preservation of a Zechstein section on top of the Upper Volcanic Unit in this well is key evidence that the erosion of the crest of the Grensen Nose occurred in Saalian rather than Mesozoic time.’
  • ‘However, it should be noted that this anticline is partly related to post-Asturic tectonics: the Asturic unconformity is itself truncated by the Saalian unconformity on the crest of the structure.’
  • ‘A widespread erosional unconformity is recognized throughout the Variscan foreland in mid-Permian time, known as the Saalian unconformity, and this unconformity is prominent in the Grensen Nose area.’
  • ‘In the classical areas of Germany, the Rotliegend is divided into two distinct units separated by the Saalian unconformity.’
  • ‘The blocking of major river valleys in the Leinebergland area by the Early Saalian Scandinavian ice sheet led to the formation of a large glacial lake.’