Definition of sabadilla in English:



  • 1A Mexican plant of the lily family, whose seeds contain veratrine.

    Schoenocaulon officinale, family Liliaceae

    ‘It is not quite certain whether the seeds are obtained from the Veratrum sabadilla, a plant 3 or 4 feet high, or from the V. officinale, differing slightly in appearance and construction.’
    • ‘In that country there grows in abundance a species of seed in form and color like oats, and locally known as sabadilla.’
    • ‘The drops contain the extracts of ingredients such as aphis, or ground honey bees, and plants such as euphrasia and sabadilla.’
    1. 1.1A preparation of sabadilla seeds, used as an agricultural insecticide and in medicines.
      as modifier ‘sabadilla dust’
      • ‘One, sabadilla, is made from a lily and works as a contact and stomach poison for numerous insects.’
      • ‘Sabadilla produces symptoms similar to those of a cold or hay fever, which it is used to treat homeopathically.’
      • ‘Sabadilla is considered among the least toxic of botanical insecticides.’



/ˌsabəˈdilə/ /ˌsæbəˈdɪlə/


Early 19th century from Spanish cebadilla, diminutive of cebada ‘barley’.