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  • The display or threat of military force.

    ‘saber-rattling by the superpowers’
    • ‘None of this sabre-rattling and war-mongering deterred the British middle class from cramming their sitting rooms with Japanese objets-d'art.’
    • ‘But if the threats and saber-rattling are going to be effective, Chamillionaire has to take his burnished, easy flow and start putting some specifics in it.’
    • ‘Putin's occasional sabre-rattling against NATO does not make him an anti-imperialist as konkret implies with its reference to the ‘semi-colonial status’ of Russia.’
    • ‘Thus they were ill-prepared to confront Hitler and his brutish regime which had been sabre-rattling and re-arming for the best part of a decade.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, in subsequent decades it became a primary focus for Communist Chinese sabre-rattling, with Communist China periodically conducting regular military manoeuvres nearby.’
    • ‘The major opposition parties sought to outdo the right-wing BJP in its nationalist sabre-rattling by berating the government for failing to detect and respond to the entry of the separatist fighters.’
    • ‘Actions that serve to legitimize nuclear weapons and their testing make little sense except to bolster a nation's military ego, and engage in senseless and dangerous sabre-rattling.’
    • ‘Put aside the saber-rattling and military posturing; any electable candidate would do the same this year.’
    • ‘Most now consider Bill France's January threat to be little more than a bit of saber-rattling directed at rival O. Bruton Smith, whose Speedway Motorsports Inc., owns the tracks.’
    • ‘But what does get through to him is sabre-rattling - unaesthetic and ugly belligerence.’
    • ‘They're doing a lot of saber-rattling around collaboration.’
    • ‘As a deterrent to boatpeople, the mindless sabre-rattling by the Australian government is utterly futile.’
    • ‘Attempting to answer it by using saber-rattling to attack an amorphous axis of enemies is a great failure of leadership.’
    • ‘Indeed, so confident is Indian big business of its new economic prowess that it believes it will be better able to suborn Pakistan through the establishment of a South Asian free trade than by the BJP's sabre-rattling.’
    • ‘He added: ‘Bromley is not often ruffled by Livingstone's sabre-rattling.’’
    • ‘But flashpoints between judiciary and executive are nothing new, the Human Rights Act renders judges more powerful, and Blunkett's overtures are chiefly perceived as sabre-rattling.’
    • ‘Dudayev became the avatar of Chechen independence, and was elected president in October 1991 amid warnings and sabre-rattling by Moscow.’
    • ‘Instead of tailoring their protest in a manner that would attract sympathy and understanding they used a method that smacked of defiance, arrogance and impotent sabre-rattling.’
    • ‘This time, the rabble-rousing and sabre-rattling didn't work.’
    aggressive, belligerent, warmongering, warring, bellicose, pugnacious, combative, bloodthirsty, hawkish, gung-ho, jingoistic, sabre-rattling



/ˈsābərˌradliNG/ /ˈseɪbərˌrædlɪŋ/