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saber saw

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  • A portable electric jigsaw.

    ‘Most of the project requires basic wood-working tools - a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill, a hammer, and a nail set.’
    • ‘Table saw, saber saw, jigsaw (bevel cuts are required), or carpenter's handsaw and miter box are needed.’
    • ‘Most cuts can be made with a circular saw, handsaw, or saber saw, but the angled back support would be more easily cut with a table saw.’
    • ‘All of the cuts can be made with a table saw and a band saw or sabre saw, and a large drill bit.’
    • ‘If a saber saw is not available to you, a hand saw will work just as well for the straight-edged sawing and a keyhole saw will work for the curved edges.’
    • ‘For neater cuts, they can be cut by using a saber saw with a carbide blade or a masonry hole saw attachment for a drill.’
    • ‘Drill a starter hole for your sabre saw, then cut around the outline and remove the cutout.’
    • ‘The laminate should be cut with a sabre saw fitted with a fine-toothed blade, and cuts should be made leaving a half-inch margin on all sides but the factory edge.’
    • ‘A sabre saw provides a fast, safe way to cut plywood paneling.’
    • ‘Cut along the inside pencil line with your sabre saw while another person supports it from below.’
    • ‘If you haven't had your shelving sides cut at the lumberyard, the next step is to use the saber saw to cut the 2 side pieces for the shelving unit as well as the 2 shelves for over the closet rods.’
    • ‘Your efforts to make the incident look work-related by falling onto a saber saw the next day is fairly ill-conceived and ends up eviscerating you in front of several dozen coworkers.’
    • ‘Use a saber saw with a fine-tooth blade to cut the acrylic.’
    • ‘You can also use a saber saw with a carbide blade or, for small holes for plumbing pipes, you can use a tile cuffing attachment for your drill.’
    • ‘After 3 hours with a saber saw, the crazy pointy top is finished, and the crown of a kiosk is assembled.’
    • ‘Use a small saber saw to cut a hole in the top of each pumpkin; clean them out, and save one of the pumpkin tops.’
    • ‘To compensate for the small curved corners use a saber saw to cut a small radius in the corner.’
    • ‘Make circular cuts and irregular angles with a keyhole or sabre saw.’
    • ‘Use a band or saber saw to cut the pattern from several boards at a time.’
    • ‘The polystyrene foam is often cut into shapes with chain saws and saber saws.’


saber saw

/ˈsābər sô/ /ˈseɪbər sɔ/